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protegas®: Defensive publishing of innovations

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1. Register user account


2. Publish innovation online
or in the technical library


3. Receive
certified confirmation

Defensively publish innovations

protegas® discloses your innovations and discoveries by publication on the online portal and/or by depositing in the protegas® technical library. Your innovation can be published by protegas® starting from 200 EURO. 

Independent confirmation partner: Liechtensteinische Post AG

For your best possible protection, our independent confirmation partner certifies the availability of your publication on our portal or in the technical library in Liechtenstein. You’ll receive the confirmation with the official postmark of the Liechtenstein Post Office.

Our daily business is to protect your right of your innovations

protegas® offers the most discreet possible form of disclosure without infringing the legal requirements of availability. A global network of patent attorneys and specialists continuously provides protegas® with the most up-to-date legal developments so that the greatest possible legal certainty can be ensured whilst at the same time protecting the inventors. 

The protegas® products are simple, robust and reliable. Wherever possible protegas® strives to meet individual customer wishes with an uncomplicated and rapid service.

Please feel free to contact us about any questions or wishes.