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About protegas® - Questions & Answers

What is a defensive disclosure?

A defensive disclosure (also called protective publication or prior art publication) is a publication of one’s own innovation or discovery in order to ensure that third parties cannot patent the same innovation.

What service does protegas® offer?

protegas® offers both an online database and a technical library for the disclosure of innovations.

Why can I not publish the innovation on my own homepage?

You can publish your innovation on your own homepage. However, when it comes to prove the availability of your disclosure you may have difficulties. Further your competitors might search your homepage first and hence your own homepage could only be used for an offensive publication.

protegas® is a secure platform operated by IT and patent specialists. Your publications and related data cannot be manipulated and access rights are monitored.

protegas® is the solution that the disclosure of your innovation will meet the legal requirements for availability and accessibility since our database specialises in defensive publications and is therefore recognised in the relevant professional circles.

Is my innovation deemed as disclosed with the publication on protegas® if I have to present this in a patent proceedings?

According to a decision of the European Patent Office, an innovation is deemed to have been disclosed or published if there is a direct and unambiguous access given. These conditions are fulfilled both with the protegas® database and also with the depositing in the protegas® technical library.

How public is the access to the protegas® database? Are all my competitors automatically informed about my innovation?

Nobody is automatically informed. However, if somebody searches for the disclosed innovation, he can do so on or in the protegas® technical library. However, this service is subjected to a fee.

How does the protegas® technical library work?

You can easily upload your documents via the online process provided on Then the document is printed out, confirmed independently and deposited in the technical library. The document however will then be removed from - if you haven’t opted for a combined disclosure on both, the technical library and the online database. You then receive a copy of your documents and your independent confirmation by post.

How does the protegas® online database work?

You can easily upload your documents via the online process provided on Immediately the disclosure can be found via the search function provided, as far as someone has paid the usage fee for the search function. The independent confirmation partner confirms the availability and accessibility with a certificate. The independent confirmation is available in your user account on

How can I pay for the services?

We accept all major credit cards. Other methods of payment on request.

Are my credit card details secure or can they be misused if I disclose them to protegas®?

The credit card details are entered on the online portal of the Swiss Post. This portal can be reached directly via The credit card details are not processed on but only directly on the online portal of the Swiss Post. The Swiss Post has a great deal of experience in the processing of sensitive personal data and in the professional completion of payments.

Publication of an innovation on how many search terms are required and which search terms should I use?

A minimum of one up to a maximum of five search terms are possible. The search terms should allow direct and unambiguous access to your innovation. In case of doubt, please consult your patent expert.

What technology does use?

The database uses the latest Java technology and the possibilities of the dynamic engine which has been specially designed for the configuration of complex workflows.

I have an idea for improving protegas® - How can I contact you?

Please contact us via the contact form, we will be happy to hear from you.