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Soaring of the litigation costs

Because of the general soaring of the litigation costs it is useful to use intelligent tools like protegas to keep possible litigation costs low.

See current issue of iam:

"On IAM this week, we reported on a new study from law firm Morrison & Foerster, which has found that major corporates are spending more on IP litigation than ever before, with costs this year expected to come in at well over $3 billion. Given that these firms are fighting fewer suits, we said, this means that each dispute comes at a much higher price, perhaps because of the increasing internationalisation of cases. We also revealed which firms Apple – the most prolific user of the inter partes review system, by far – instructs to represent it at the PTAB. We focused, too, on how Canadian banking powerhouse TD Bank has embraced patents to ensure that it maximises the benefits of the fintech revolution."

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